From Savannah, Age 13 - 08/09/11 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'4", Start: 185.5 lb, Today: 185.5 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 120 lb - I need help last year I gained 40 lbs. Everyone calls me a cow and I can't even walk into all the popular stores like ambercrombie with out getting comments like " Go back the the elephant cage where you belong" I HATE IT!. Everyone talks behind my back on how fat I am! Can anyone help me:( please.
Reply from Mary, Age 12 - 12/19/11  - IP#:
Ok, first of all, if your peers say things like that behind your back, they're either:
A. Trying to get attention
B. Are being imature
C. Are bullying because they have their own problems
D. Bord
Do not listen to these people, they will ruin your self esteem. Sometimes you will need little things like self esteem to deal with things like weight managment. LISTEN TO THIS ASVICE, DO NOT IGNORE IT!!!!!! :{)
Reply from susan, Age 12 - 10/14/11  - IP#:
option1:just tell them "hey i can lose the weight but u will always be a rude ugly judgmental %#&#."
option2:lose weight by drinking 8 cups of water each day.walk/speedwalk for 20 minutes do 20 pushups and situps then go up 10 more each day for example:monday walk for 20 minutes and do 20 pushups an situps tuesday walk for 30 min. do 30 situps and pushups but only exersize 6 days a week the farthest you should only get to walking,situps,and pushups are/is 60.there is a difference between hungry and craving you should only eat when u r hungry.once you are eating split the food in have example:you usually eat a whole subway eat 6in.but since it still has many calories should consider drinking water with it.
other beauty tips just for fun :) :
1.if you want ur pores to shrink smear an icecube on you face or where ever big pores are.
2.if your lips r 2 small brush them with ur toothbrush this will make blood fill up ur lips to make them look plumper NOT permanently just for a while.
3.if u want ur butt or breast to get bigger there are exersizes for this just look them up on google.
hope i helped
Reply from Lillie, Age 12 - 09/11/11  - IP#:
Dont listen to all those people! You are great! Did you know that there is only about 30 calories in an apple? If you eat an apple it fills you up, too. Swim! Swim! Swim! You can burn up to 1000 calories fitness swim. Hope this helps!
Reply from lily, Age 14 - 08/31/11  - IP#:
its ok all u need to do is watch what u eat im 5'2 and used to be 149 but i lost weight nd now im 129. what i did was watch what i ate i only ate what was neccesary nd did sit ups i started with ten nd increased by day nd plz dont eat junk food if ur still hungry eat an apple or a glass of milk nd feel confident dont break down to those bad comments please i believe in u
Reply from Jessica, Age 16 - 08/17/11  - IP#:
Savannah don't give up, dont be discourged, Ingroe them, drink lots of water, walking, running, jog, jump rope, ride bike, swimming, walk the dog or your friend's dog or the negibors dog . Ask the negibor first and your mom and dad too. Eat small amounts, cut your meat in half and have the one half and the other for later or the next day. Half vetgable or touf. And a small glass of milk, weight liefting, and ask yoursefl I am hungrey? or I am thristy? or is my brain trying to trick me? dont give up reaching your goal!!
Jessica 16