From Lisa, Age 12 - 03/12/11 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'0", Start: 150 lb, Today: 120 lb (BMI %tile: 90), Goal: 100 lb - I posted this up before but i did np\ot reply until late, so i put this up. here is how i lost 30 pounds... :)
20 pushups
20 situps
walk for 30 minutes
25 pushups
25 situps
walk for 30 minutes
I did this 4-7 times a week and just simply ate less calories. Here is what i usually eat:
BFAST a bowl of cereal or a poptart, a glass of orange juice or water
LUNCH a sandwich, sliced cucumbers, a glass of water with ice or a soda
Dinner some meat, a fruit, and a serving of vegetables, and a glass of water or orange juice
I feel great and I am going to keep the wight off! I cannot believe that i lost the weight. Sorry that i have not posted for a while
Reply from Brook, Age 10 - 05/05/11  - IP#:
Thanks 4 the advice! I'm 10 and weigh 40 more pounds than you!
Reply from Lisa, Age 12 - 04/12/11  - IP#:
I usually have a PB&J withoutthe crusts or a grilled ham and cheese. For dinner, I have something like a steak, cooked, not grilled. For the fruit, i picked an apple, but pears work too. For the vegetable, i ate peas. I usually drink minute maid and sunny d. sorry i have not posted for a while. anything else?
Reply from Leanne, Age 11 - 04/04/11  - IP#:
This is amazing! Please help me though...what kind of sandwhich and how many calories was it? And what about dinner what exactly did ya have? BTW im proud of you! This is really impresive :)
Reply from Milos, Age 11 - 03/16/11  - IP#:
Wow, nice job! Pleeeez comment on mine. It's 2 posts below yours.
Reply from alyssa, Age 12 - 03/14/11  - IP#:
hey this kinda really works because ive only been doing this for two days and my rolls have transformed into the shape of abs so im getting there thanx for the tip