From Ariyanna, Age 12 - 11/03/10 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'9", Start: 235 lb, Today: 235 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 190 lb - I hate being overweight
It feels like someone is always making fun of me or mocking me or calling me names!
I always hear the comments! I laugh along but on the inside im dying! I have no idea what to do!
Reply from Destiny, Age 12 - 06/01/11  - IP#:
well the same thing happens to me on the outside im laughing it off but on the inside im crying.I think that instead of laughing i think you should stick up for yourself because they have no right to treat you that way.And if i were you i would be really mad at them but if your not mad and your actually sad juat think to yourself i shouldnt be laughing or crying i should be furious cause trust me you should.And i dont mean punch them or anything.I mean yell at them "you have no right to treat me this way!" because they dont.So the next time someone makes a rude comment tell them what i told you.But if they say we were just playing around dont feel sorry that you yelled at them cause they dont know that sometimes it hurts peoples feelings.But sometimes they do know it hurts peoples fellings.So their just bullies.So dont forget to say "you have no right to treat me this way!"
Reply from Helen, Age 12 - 12/15/10  - IP#:
Im exactly the same! no one understands the complications of being overweight. You can lose weight! I'm trying to lose about two stone cuz im nearly obese.everyone gets mocked or laughed at even me. But i just accept it. I know i'm fat and people are taken aback when i say this.
if you see any of my or other peoples posts can you reply to them as i think anyone who is overweight will really apreciate every bit of support
You can do it!!!
Reply from Nicole, Age 11 - 11/07/10  - IP#:
i know how you feel! I have the same problem if you tell them to stop and its not funny, try to explain and if there not a totall jerk there understand.