From lexi, Age 10 - 09/10/10 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 4'8", Start: 99 lb, Today: 98 lb (BMI %tile: 91), Goal: 80 lb - hi im lexi and i need help, im always getting picked on at school for my weight and i was wondering if i could get some help, please ive been exersizing, anything else i could do??
Reply from karlie, Age 11 - 11/09/10  - IP#:
you can eat healthy
Reply from Ruby, Age 12 - 09/12/10  - IP#:
Hi Lexi. I think you have a really good goal. Of course exercising is great, but I would try to find really healthy snacks/food items you like. For example, I always have my sandwiches on Sandwich Thins or Bagel Thins. They are 100 calories and taste really good. Never eat out of a bag, drink lots of water, set square times (when you can eat) for yourself (like three meals at these times and a snack at this time. Your body will get used to a routine and burn more calories at those times.) Never skip breakfast. It doesn't accomplish anything because not only is it unhealthy, but it boosts your metabolism for the whole day. And if you can, exercise in the morning. If you do you will burn more calories the whole rest of the day. I think that's really cool. Sorry I wrote a lot. But this advice could be used for anyone. Alright, good luck!