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Ht. 4'10", Start: 118 lb, Today: 113 lb (BMI %tile: 90), Goal: 94 lb - ok hey peaple i know i am not the one to post this but i told some one this and tell me if its good abvice k
(You konw that u r over weight but thats not the worst thing in the world u could be on the streets u know so if u want to loss weight GET UP AND STOP FILLING SORRY 4 UR SELF. u dont need a bike or a treedmill all u need is a good porsand meal and a some musice to loss weight to. my mom and i dont get out much but i make it work i go out side and run ,jumping jacks and walk my dog if i can do it so can u .all u have to do is try and dont give up.)tell me what u think please
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I thank thats realy good advice