From pet, Age 11 - 10/23/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hi im very overweight i am 5'2 and 190 i now thats so huge and i just cant stop eating its like i try but it is so hard i always try diets and end up around lunch saying i'll start tommorow but never do and i dont like to exercise but i could it is just really hard so i dont and i keep ganing weight and going up cloths sizes and have to buy knew close every week and my mom hates having to buy 8 diffrent outfits a week and i get made fun of I NEED HELP FAST PLEASE
Reply from bridget, Age 11 - 11/13/03  - IP#:
just when you feel hungry chew gum and put it to ur brain evertime yo eat you are not hungry. and dont eat past 700pm and you should stay away from flour and gum at least for 2 months and if you keep this up youll see the results.
Reply from christy, Age 12 - 11/06/03  - IP#:
omg thats exactly what happens to me does anyone know how to stop that? please email at
Reply from carson, Age 12 - 10/24/03  - IP#:
yea go on weight wacthers and do some more excersie it could work