From Michael, Age 8 - 01/06/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I am 8 years old and I weigh 160 pounds. I like to run and play but I get out of breath. My mom and dad are sad because I am fat like they are. We eat lots of veggies but we still eat to much food. I am always hungry because I am growing up. My mom is worried about me being picked on but I am taller then even the 5th graders in my school. I am happy and I like being me even if I am fat. I just want help to lose weight.
Reply from melissa, Age 16 - 03/17/03  - IP#:
its good that u are happy with your self try not to eat as much and try to run and play every day drink water not coke or tea drink milk in the moring or OJ then try drinking water the rest of the day till dinner then a little tea or coke but ask ur mom and dad if they help would help u do that put its only going to work if u want to do it
Reply from Carry, Age 10 - 02/21/03  - IP#:
I think its good you like to run and play! Exercize is a very good thing to do.I noticed you said you eat to much.One thing that could help is a calorie chart Ceep track of the calories you eat (if you dont know how to check ask your parents how)try not to go over 2000 calories a day or it will turn in to fat ceep eating those vegys but just remember not to much vegys, vegys still have calories and to much calories turn into fat i really really hope i helped ill right you later carry
Reply from Sarah, Age 9 - 01/20/03  - IP#:
I know how you feel,i'm treated the same way you are but i don't let those teasers bother me! i just ignore them and tell them to bug is not your falt you may be heavy but try to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and eaven when you are hungry but realey aren't hungry at all water well fill you up and well help ypu lose weight!Love you'r friend and helper Sarah Rose Mcrae XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
Reply from joe, Age 12 - 01/14/03  - IP#:
ooooooooooops typed a wrong age haha
Reply from Joe, Age 9 - 01/14/03  - IP#:
hi micheal -email me