From karissa, Age 12 - 08/20/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi! My name is Karissa.I am 190 pounds and I'm only 12.I get picked on sometimes. I want to be skinny sobad. My perfect weight is 116. I'm anyone has any advice for me at all,please help me.I would really appreciate it.
Reply from nicole, Age 12 - 09/20/03  - IP#:
i dont have any thing 2 say really i just figured maybe we can be freinds i am 12 and weigh 110 so email me at
Reply from christy, Age 12 - 09/20/03  - IP#:
hey i am 12 and i weigh 194 pounds if you find anything out plez e-mail me
Reply from meaghan, Age 13 - 08/28/03  - IP#:
karissa i feel the same way you do i really hope u can reach ur goal weight just start exercising and eating better
Reply from ? - 08/28/03  - IP#:
you must be huge
Reply from lehcar, Age 12 - 08/20/03  - IP#:
i know how u feel... just exercise and watch wut u eat it'll help... i lost 5 lbs