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From Georgina, Age 0

To Leigh,I tried to reply to ur message but it didn't work so i am posting here. A dietician is a special kind of doctor who helps with diets. When my asthma was realy bad i sae a dietician and she helped me to make a diet plan that didn't use all the foods that make my asthma worse. She was realy nice and helpful. She told me that she also works with kids who are overweight and she looks at what the kid eats and how they live (exersise and stuff) and then together the dietician and the kid make a plan about how to change things to lose weight. It might be just little steps but working towards making a big diference! I recomenned it!!!! Let me know what happens and remember u have friends!!!!! 30 pounds in a month is a lot are u sure ur scales are not broken??? Did u eat lots of things u dont normally eat?