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From Angela, Age 11

Ht. 5'1", Start: 135.5 lb, Today: 135 lb, Goal: 105 lb - Hi, My name is Angela. And I'm "obese" on their scale. My brother got me a Wii Fit for my birthday because he didn't want me to suffer and go through people making fun of me. I tried to do it everyday, but it just gets tiring standing on this stupid board all day. I spent about 30 minutes on it each day, but then I got sick of it. I finally found a site where kids just like me have the same problem. I see all of those actors and models on T.V. and Magazines and then I just say, "I wanna be just like that." I have a problem with eating and my dad was telling me that he doesn't want me to get too obese. My dad is on a diet, and trying to get me to eat healthier. Parents don't understand how hard it is to drop the soda, junk food, salty, and sugary items and put them aside. My friends tell me I'm not "fat." I don't really believe them because they are like my best friends and they are nice to me. This one time, I liked this boy... and I asked him out (through text message). And he told me that he wouldn't want to go out with me because I'm too fat. People say "I'm mean to myself" because I say I'm fat and I need to lose weight. But it's the truth. I'm trying to involve myself into more sports. In my P.E. class, we have to run 5 minutes non-stop each day, and I have a nice and steady pace. Even my thinner friends are a little behind me. I try being fast and try to lose weight because I don't want to be just some "fat kid." I told my dad I wanted to do 3 sports because I've only been in one sport, Cross-County, but I guess it wasn't a good sport for your first try. So, automatically, I quit the second week. I was panting on the side, walking when I wasn't suppose to, almost dying, having a heart attack. (Last part exaggerated.) I guess it feels kind of good to tell my story to the world. i'm trying to loose 30 pounds this year, because I want to be fit for next year, and I want guys to like me. Some like me for my personality .. but the others like girls for their personalities and looks. I cry when a guy says I'm too fat or someone gets mad at me and uses my weight against me. I'm not so much chubby in my face or anything. But it's just around my stomach, but it doesn't POP out as much. My arms aren't too fat too not look normal. But my thighs are pretty big and I want to shrink down on my pants size. If you can relate to this, PLEASE reply! I need responses. Thanks :).