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From Sammie, Age 12

Ht. 4'5", Start: 245 lb, Today: 239 lb, Goal: 140 lb - what vereryone needs to realize here is, you are in control of your body. would you rather be weak and eat the bad food, or stay strong and feel good in the long run? like studying, it would be so much more fun to have fun than to study, but if you do take the time to study, something that may be dreadful to you, you will get a good grade on a test, which leads to a good college transcript later in life. now, i am defintiely aren't telling you to stop eating. just eat what you need to feel okay,don't eat untiln you burstd each time. it's all about self control. and if you don't start young, you will regret it. you really will. think about your prom. do you want to be wearing a plus sized dres, or look really good in a normal sized one. do you want to have people complementing you, or teasing you? do you want to get problems with your health, or be completely healthy, thin, and free of the weight? think about it next time you go to eat something unhealthy. because it should be enough to ruin your appetite. i used to be like thay, saying, oh, it's ust a little ite, it's not going to do anything. ture story, yes it can. i know. and i have suffered from making the wrong coices. think about the kids who don't get anything to eat, and are as thin as a stick. it makes you feel pretty bad, eating more than you need, gaining weight that other kids need to survive. also,thinking of something gross may help you, or eat a mint, so you will not want to eat anything if it'll taste minty. there are people out there who hae not found this website, have not listened to the advice, or just gave up. thye try to teach stubborn kids so they won't end up with their problems. but hey, it's your life, after all.all of the choices you make are up to you, in some way or another.