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From Sammie, Age 12

Ht. 4'5", Start: 245 lb, Today: 245 lb, Goal: 245 lb - Work It Out!-My workout guide and how you can achieve a healthier body in a healthy way. 1.Remember-When thirsty, drink a glass or bottle of water. Throughout this diet, water should be your only drink. Other drinks, such as fruit punch, and those sugary mixes, are not as healthy as some filling, refreshing cold water. 2:Do 20 minutes of excersize each day. Try doing either 20-50 situps, or five minutes of situps. Next, cycle your legs in a bycicle motion for five minutes, or jump rope, which EXCERSIZES YOUR WHOLE BODY!!!!You might want to start off with some five to ten pound weights first, to work on your arms. Then, VERY GRADUALLY, increase the size of the weights. 3:For breakfast, a fruit. It's healthy, and natural. 4:Lunch can be a salad with no more than a capful of dressing, or a sandwich using no mayonnaise, or spreads, and only one slice of bread. you will find that if you cut down on bread and cookie products, you will lose more weight. 4:put on a song, and dance to music, or inspire yourself by picking out soem pretty clothes! 5:if you watch t.v. or even a movie, take a break, but during commercials, try to get up and excersize. this can include dancing to a commercial song! if there are no commercials, just spontaneously get up and move, or pause it, and move! 6:You must try to have fun! remember, the burn meas that it's working! 7:Be persistent! Don't cheat on your diet, and try to eat natural based foods! no gum, no candies or ice creams or cakes at all! This is the main source of the problem! 8:For two weeks of the diet, you can promise yourself a small unhealthy snack as a reward two times a week. after then, it should become once a week. 9/ do not starve yourselves! fruits and veggies can be eaten whenever, meats should be eaten in small portions, or in moderation! if you are eating something unhealthy, try not to have seasoning on it, and do not take seconds! 10:Ifind that if i find something to take up my time, i do not feel so hungry. do something you enjoy, whether it is active or not! And lastly, make a pledge to this diet in the comment box to this blog entry. Together, we will track our progress day by day, week by week, and find yourself losing weight. the others will wish they had done this diet, and you will no longer need blubber busters to help you! that is the goal:escape from the web site! will you Work It Out?