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From Celeste, Age 12

Ht. 5'3", Start: 140 lb, Today: 135 lb, Goal: 100 lb - Okay. Well I am in the 6th grade. In the 5th grade I was on the Basketball team. This year I decided no to try out. Last year I was very skinny. But now this year I didn't try out for the team. And now I'm over weight. My butt is all fat as so are my legs and my arms as well. I just can't help myself from craving food. I want to play a sport but my parents wont let me because they say it might inturupt my grades and my gutiar classes. Oh yeah. BTW I got my period this year so that sucks even more. I just dont know what to do. Everyone in my class is much skinnier than me and I just feel like a fatso. So... can anyone give me advice on what to do to loose weight?