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From Maddie, Age 13

Hi...I'm 13 and I wiegh...well now I'm scared to look, but last time I checked it was 180. This summer I lost a lot of weight on Atkins...I went down to 165, I looked good and felt good. I also rode my bike EVERYWHERE untill I got hit by a car. Now that Crhistmas is here and I live in AK so it's all snow and I can't ride my bike. I feel worse about how look more than ever. Everyone tells me I'm pretty, but I can't be happy with myseelf untill lose wieght. I don't want to weigh 100 or sumtin right now 140 would make me happy. I feel sick everytime I look in the mirror becuase of my weight. I have seen a lot of ways to lose weight on here, but what are some fast ways. I have gone to the same school all my life with about 12 kids and we graduate from that school in June...and I want to look good. Does ANYONE have any ideas please... I have tried Atkins, Weight Watchers, Subway, and Eat right for your blood type...but the things is I i guess I love food and none of those work for me...anyone have any ideas I'm desperate here...thnx