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From linda, Age 16

Hey I just wanted to help you guys out here. Have any of you ever tried The FIRM? It's an exercise video that really helps you lose weight, and it guarantees you to see results in 2 workouts or less. I have a set of 4 tapes that I bought for only 29.99. Follow this diet plan and do any of the tapes 4 times a week and you will lose weight soooo quick, i promise you! For breakfast: drink a cup of green tea, 2 eggs, a banana or apple, and a piece of MELBA toast. Lunch: WATER, a small salad with a small amount of dressing and a serving of fat free soup. Dinner:Whatever your parents make, just have smaller portions of it. Don't forget to drink green tea, because it raises your metabolism if you drink it 3-5 times a day.