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From Carly, Age 12

I lost 20lbs!!!Want to know how to go from Fat togetting thinner?Here's how,no lies,no stupid advice.First things first I am 12,5'3,and 130lbs.In Early September I was 150.I lost 20 pounds by...Drinking ONLY water~I LOVE water.It's my favorite drink,and way healthier than bone-rotting Pepsi.Ex-er-cise~I HATE exercise.Stupid sit-ups.Ugggghhh,what I do is bike ride.Relaxing,AND GOOD4YOU!If you can't ride,than do 65 crunches a day.Food Problems~I like to eat.Chances are you do to.I thought when I was having seirious surgery on my foot,that I would never be able to walk again.I HATEDEVERYONE.I got stuck in the triangle.But when people called me "fat" I did what I knew solved problems...ATE.Pizza,Ice Cream,Cake,Whipped Cream,No end in sight.What I changed~If you got stuck in the triangle,chances are you lack self-esteem,(Like I Did)What you do is eat plain,white meat chicken INSTEAD of the Sauce covered dark meat.(Dark Meat is HORRIBLE for you.)Eat a bunless burger with saled(No dressing)with onion and a tomato INSTEAD of Ketchup and secret sauce.DON'T think of me as a stick.No I'm still really fat.But,If you...~Eat ONLY 3 meals a day~Bike a half hour~Eat HALF of what you normally eat~Drink water instead of Pepsi~Do 65 crunches~Eat more Chicken & EggsYou'll feel better.I'm still working hard and remember,If I can(The lazy bum I am)do it,So can you!