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From Phoebe, Age 12

Ht. 5'2", Start: 200 lb, Today: 240 lb, Goal: 125 lb - I started trying to lose weight (but failing) in July last year when I first reached 200lbs. I've always been bigger, but things started escalating in 2020, partly because of the pandemic, but they just keep getting worse and I'm gaining weight quicker and quicker. I gained around 30lbs in 2020, around 50lbs in 2021 and around 65lbs in 2022. I've already gained 15lbs since the start of this year. I'm scared if I carry on I'll be pushing the 300s by the end of the year. My parents used to be fat (though not as fat as me), but they've lost weight and none of my siblings have ever been overweight. Noone at school comes close to my size, even if some are overweight, they're not severely obese like me. I feel so alone because I don't know anyone struggling like I am. The more weight I put on, the harder daily tasks get. I carry most of my weight on my belly, my waist is like 50 inches. It's really difficult to bend over past my belly to tie my shoes, so I try to wear slip ons most of the time. My room is up 3 flights of stairs and it takes me a good 10 minutes to get up to it because I have to rest between each flight. I get so out of breathe from activities that used to be relatively easy. Just getting dressed can be tiring. Despite all this, I just can't stop myself from gorging. We don't really have junk food in the house anymore, but that doesn't stop me from stuffing myself. I go through a jar of peanut butter in 2 days, I eat like 8 slices of bread in one sitting. I drink a liter of milk a day. I have a BIG bowl of porridge in the morning and sneak 5 tbsps of sugar into it. I spend my allowance on junk food. I have no control. I find it so hard to resist food, if I know it's there I have to have it. I eat my feelings. I have a Drs appointment tomorrow and I'll find out how much weight I've gained over the past month, as well as some blood test results I'm really nervous about. My parents are worried I have developed type 2 diabetes.