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From Isabella, Age 12

Ht. 5'8", Start: 172 lb, Today: 243 lb, Goal: 140 lb - I posted on here a year ago, and instead of losing weight in between that time, I just got fatter! I hate being so fat because I eat all the time and doing exercise in PE is painful for me. We have to do the Pacer, and I can only get 22, while I see the kids younger than me get 20 more! My thighs rub against each other when I walk, and it feels weird. All my friends are skinny, and I feel like they silently judge me. I wish I was skinny like them so I could wear a bikini at the beach, but if I wore a bikini, my stomach would cover it. The problem is that I kinda have no motivation to lose weight. It runs in the family, because my mom and brother are obese too, so I never really felt harassed about my weight at home. And I have no self-control! When I’m home alone, I eat everything in sight! I always feel horrible afterwards but I can’t stop because I love food so much. At school, we have desks where the chair is attached to the desk. I hate those because I have to squeeze in, and even though I can fit in and out, it’s hard to go inside it. My belly will press harshly against the desk and it hurts. Then, the desk creaks, which is embarrassing when I’m trying to move around to get comfortable and then desk loudly creaks. Plus, when I sit on the chair, I can feel it sink. And when I walk around the classroom, the room shakes a little. I hate PE so much because of what I already said, also that we have to wear special PE clothes. I bought them last year, and they are already tight! I’m a size large, which is bigger than my friends, and I’m gonna need a size XL! I think XL is the biggest size, so I’ll have to get custom PE clothes if I keep getting fatter. Lastly, I just want to be noticed by some cute boys, but they just think of me as a fat nerd.