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From Angelica, Age 11

Ht. 5'1", Start: 116 lb, Today: 168.2 lb, Goal: 116 lb - every time i go shopping i get frustrated because how i'm walking down the isle people look at the size thats on the hanger at least i think there looking feel big and out of place and some people call me fat and try to ignore them and stand with the fact that im 40lbs overweight i was never skinny except for the year 2009 i was just the right weight but i didnt notice that at the time.I'm mad at me myself and I with my weight ive been more emotional and now that its summertime i wont wear any of my summer clothes i also have scars all over my body and i dont want to be the one called fat scar girl again im just sick of it and for the fact that i change schools every year or a half a year makes it harder to make great best freinds when your away from them i just feel bad that i did this to my life and now i'd do anything to get it how my life was in 2009 i wish almost every night to god or on a star o guide me through this hard weight till im good and healthy its all i ask is for someone to help and feedback please nothing has worked for me at all ive been bouncing back and forth between 156-170lbs al i ask me AngelicaP to have a guidance or answer to my obeseness my life has been ruined because of food and now i hate it and now feel insurcure to eat anything this summer is going to change and i wont be called jelly belly anymore and for preteens who feel the same please reply it can be a one word sentence or a paragraph JUST PLEASE READ MY LONG STORY TRUST ME IT WILL BE WORTH IT I ASK IN THE NAME OF GOD TO PLEASE READ ON I BEG OF U JUST PLEZ ITS THE ONLY THING I HAVE TO TELL TO THE WORLD -AngelicaP. 5/31/11 peace and thank u