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From Leah, child's age 13

Hello all! My name is Leah, I have one son named Liam. Liam's dad and I divorced about a year ago and I was granted full custody of my son. So, basically after my husband was gone I felt like there was a hole in my life, so I hope that explains some of this. A few months after my divorce, Liam and I settled into our new lives although we both felt out of place. He was depressed. He started eating whatever I put in front of him, and him always being a skinny kid, I enjoyed watching him start to put on weight. I made it get out of hand. The satisfaction of him putting on weight filled the hole my ex husband left. I was purposely giving him excessively high calorie food and spoiling him with sweets. I'm a big shopper and I enjoyed getting him new clothes all the time which was happening very fast. I didn't care that he was getting very fat and out of shape. He's now gone from about 100 or so pounds to 160 at 5'4. I still love taking him shopping, and cooking lots of food but I don't want him to be unhealthy. Please try to understand and let me know what to do.