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From Nick, child's age 14

Just a small update. Jack's Weight continues to climb. we are going through some health insurance issues at this time and are unable to consult with a doctor. Jack now weighs in at 141 pounds (5'1 now) and is getting very large. My wife and I are financially struggling at this time and are unable to keep buying him new shirts and pants. He confesses the added weight does not bother him, however a lot of things have become a struggle. Because of his old clothes now being unable to get around his hips, he's in a cycle of a few pairs of sweats/ t shirts. Everything, however is riding up on him and fitting him uncomfortably tight. his appetite is continuously increasing and his eating has been relentless. Anyways, the main reason i'm writing this update is because I have found out that he has been purposefully doing this to himself. My son has gained over 50 pounds in the last 4 months on purpouse. I got a call from his school that while using his student google account, has watched videos of "gainers" on youtube. I've heard of that term before and have seen several programs on it on TLC here in america. I guess he enjoys getting fat? He obviously isn't keen on telling us, based on the fact that he hasnt already. I just don;t know what to say. Please let me know how I should talk to him