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From Paul, child's age 10

Hey, recently I had a moment or rather I should say several, where I was just like, Woah my son has gotten big. I adopted Micah when he was 8, back then he was rather normal sized if somewhat tubby and out of shape. I didn't pay close mind to that since I was more trying to have him happy and get settled in here. He's a nice Lil dude but has some issues, lots of foster kids do, but I wouldnt be a good dad if I didn't try to help him, yknow? so some time passed, now it's a bit over 2 years later. and he went from tubby to just huge and in hindsight I'm surprised I didn't notice, we spend lots of time around each other, you know? Recently his bed just fell apart under him and he had some other mishaps happen, like him delaying going to the bathroom so much he didn't make it in time. or like, we had to get new clothes for him since he didn't fit in the previous anymore and just couldn't find anything in the store that fit him, I had to look around for a place that carries plus sized kids clothes and even there it took a while do yall have similar things happen and could you give advice for some of these tyoe of things, im still pretty lost sometimes as a father.