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From Loren, child's age 14

Please help me. I’m at a loss, with all three of kids weight gain. I have three beautiful children Boston who is 14, Tanner who is 10 and Kayla who is 8, the problem is they have all gained quite a bit of weight over the past year. A bit of background last year we moved across the country to be closer to my family, so on top of an already stressful year with online school and cancelled activities they were forced away from their friends. Both my husbands parents also passed away and due to them living overseas we couldn’t travel to the funeral to say goodbye. Last year was tough and admittedly I slacked up a bit on monitoring junk food and screen time. My kids screen time increased incredibly partially due to online school and to communicate with their friends which they had left behind. To be honest we were all stressed and definitely not doing as much physical activity as usual and definitely eating more junk food but I rationalised it that we all put on a bit of quarantine pudge (my husband and I each put on 15 pounds). However, I just got my kids on the scales and I am shooked at how much weight they have all gained. Kayla has put on 20 pounds weighing 65 pounds at 4,2. Tanner has out on 30 pounds weight 98 pounds at 4,7. My eldest Boston has put on 55 pounds weighing 155 pounds at 5,4. I feel like I have failed as a mother as I said I knew they were gaining some weight but I didn’t realise the full extent until I walked in on my eldest struggling to do up his pants. They went from skinny and athletic to quite chubby little kids with my two boys having big bellies, love handles and man boobs. I have tried to encourage them to get outside and play some basketball or encourage my daughter to do some dancing as she loves dancing but they’re so engrossed in these devices they don’t seem to care. I’m most concerned about my eldest his whole personality has changed from an active happy boy to a grouchy couch potato who as of yesterday struggles to ride his bike around the block without getting out for breath, I know he is frustrated that he now struggles to bend down and tie his shoe when this time last year he was running around with his buddies. My middle son even told me yesterday he doesn’t want to try out for soccer anymore as he would rather game with his old friends and play fort nite and my daughter is too young to really understand but she was sad that she no longer fit her frozen pyjamas. I don’t want my kids to view eating and weight in a negative way but I also want them to understand the importance of eating healthy. I am relatively healthy and enjoy going to the gym and my husband is the same. I’m at a loss and I feel as if I have failed as a mother. Any advice would be really appreciated