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From Aneesha, child's age 10

Hello, my name is Aneesha and I’m worried about our twin sons, Jamar and Jamile. They’re 10 and turn 11 next month. 6 years ago, when my husband retired from the U.S.Army, we became foster parents for the boys and after 2 years we legally adopted them. Up until the summer of 2019 both boys were slender but then they started to get a little chunky . Last February before COVID they had their physicals and Jamar weighed 87 and Jamile weighed 88. They looked a little chubby but no problem since they’re a little on the tall side. Then the lockdown hit and their school has been online. I’m away at work all day, 5 sometimes 6 days a week. My husband has been “Mr. Mom” with the boys, supervising their schoolwork and other activities. All their youth sports have been cancelled and so we agreed to let them play video games as a break from schoolwork. The problem is they’ve both blown up since March. Both have big bellies and huge booties and moobs. We took them to buy clothes at Walmart yesterday since they’ve outgrown even their sweatpants. We ended up having to get size 18 husky jeans because of their booties and heavy legs. I was shocked in the fitting booth to see how fat they are. They even have rolls of fat on their backs! When we got home, I weighed them and Jamar is 173 and Jamile is 170. I took last week off from work and now I understand why my two babies are so fat. They eat all day. When they do their online lessons my husband rewards them with food, same thing when they do their chores. At meals they heap their plates and always take seconds. They get along well except when it comes to food, they argue over who’s going to get the last pork chop or who got the bigger piece of pie at dinner! An hour after a meal they’re both snacking. My husband and I got into an argument last night. He says I’m worrying too much and it’s just a phase the boys are going through, that when they hit puberty they’ll get taller and the weight will even out. Help! I only have sisters and my husband and I have a daughter (age 25) so I don’t know how it is for boys. Jamile and Jamar are my babies and I’m so worried about them.