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From Jarod, child's age 13

Hello everyone, I'm an overweight single parent and I need help. I have 2 boys 13 and 11 who are both dangerously overweight. I've mainly ignored my boys' weight and assumed it would get better. I know I'm not a good role model being obese myself at 265 lbs and pretty short. This year has been hard on everyone and I didn't really notice that we were eating more at first. After about a month into lockdown we were pretty relaxed about things. Wasn't getting them to get dressed. Pj bottoms and no tops was pretty common, even I wasn't bothering with getting dressed. We were using skip the dishes or door dash most days. Going through a few boxes of soda a week. Again I was doing a great job at ignoring the issue. I could see the stretch marks but I figured they were old or just signs of growing up, not out. We were eating dessert every day. Ice cream, cakes, things I usually didn't buy because I knew my weakness for them. Still things were tough and we could all use some cheering up. Well cut to a week ago and my younger boy is complaining about feeling dizzy again. He's got up to pee for what feels like the millionth time since we started the episode of the Mandalorian. I decide to call the doctor. During the video call the doctor makes him lift up his arms and notes the rash in his armpit, the same one as he has on his neck. He makes him weigh and I'm shocked to see he has gained 68 lbs since March. He tells us to go and get some tests. They come back and the doctors suspicions are confirmed, diabetes. My older boy has prediabetes and is also carrying significant poundage. I don't know what to do. I have the meal plans from the doctor and the insulin and the instructions but it's been a fight with them. The insulin is fine, the change in diet is not. Help. I feel so lost.