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From Fran, child's age 16

My son is 16 and 270 pounds at 5'9. He had an asthma attack in the beginning in October and we went to the hospital, where he ended up weighing in at 262 pounds. I didn't know that he had gotten so big. His doctor says that he needs to at least lose 80 pounds, but I don't know where to begin! Over the past month, I have tried to get him to eat less, but he refuses to do so. He always says he is hungry and I do not want to feel hungry as that is a bad feeling. Since paying attention I notice that he is really big. He is out of breath doing much of anything at this point, all he wants to do is sit, watch TV, play games and eat. Heading from the car to his room on the second floor he gets very out of breath and struggles to climb the stairs. Even bending over gets him red in the face. He does eat a lot, but I don't think it is an insane amount. I work very late and usually for dinner I will bring home a family size fast food meal, and he eats 2-3 burgers, fries and a shake. Nothing too terrible, but quite a bit. I've tried to get him active, but whenever we leave he gets too winded or is very resistant to exercise. I'm not sure what to do!