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From Kyle, child's age 16

My son is overweight. It is hard for me to see it as I’ve always been big (6 foot 2 and 400lbs right now) myself and to me he just looks a bit chubby, but according to his doctor he is obese and needs to lose 100+lbs, which is definitely scary to me as he is my only kid and his mom died around two years ago and I want the best for him. He is 16, 5 foot 8 and 245lbs. Around a year ago he was around 185lbs, so he has definitely been packing on the pounds. He is very self conscious of his weight, until we were at the doctors recently I hadn’t seen him with his shirt off for over a year, and I was shocked with how big he is, I guess baggy clothes can his a belly. He is fairly active, often biking around our city, but he is not really focused on team sports and the like, so I don’t know how to really help him lose weight.