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From Ann, child's age 14

My child is only 14 years old and is 250 pounds. All she does is watch tv and eat food the other day I found food rappers under her bed in her clothes. My daughter gets out of breath a lot she struggles getting up of the floor and getting out of bed I have to help her. She has broken 4 beds jumping on then and 3 toilets sets. I told her she needs to lose weight but her bad keeps giving her food and I tell him to stop and he ain’t having non of it. I told her the other day we was going to the beach and she was wearing a bikini and she is quite big and I had to help her off the floor. She is only 14 and a size 22 and she wears clothes what a size 10 girls wear but she says she like it. I know it’s wrong but I get embarrassed I know I shouldn’t but she’s big and wearing bikinis and tank tops. I need help I try and tell her but she doesn’t listen.