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From Jess, child's age 15

I am very worried about my 15 year old son. Two years ago he was pretty skinny, 13 and 5 foot 1 (160lbs).Around this point he started visiting with his father (who I separated with when he was young). His father was always chubby, and at this point must be over 400lbs. Now he has custody on the weekends. Over those two years my boy has just gotten bigger and bigger, and I am very worried for him. His health has gotten really bad, he struggles to go up more then one flight of stairs, getting winded, and has complained of back pain and leg pain. I have always tried to cook healthily and keep my kids active, though he never was big on athletics, when he is with me I try to get him out on his bike or at least walking, but it is getting harder and harder because of his size. Last fall, at his pediatrician appointment, he was five foot five and a scary 262lbs, I knew he was overweight but I didn’t think he was that big. His younger brother, who also visits his dad on the weekends is also getting rather chubby, as at 14 he is 5 foot 3 and 208lbs as of the fall. My ex doesn’t eat a healthy diet and his whole family is sedentary, but some of what I have heard is scary. Apparently, when over there, their diet mainly consists of pizza and other takeout, and apparently they will be given whole large pizzas for dinner. I’ve tried talking to my ex but he doesn’t seem to be worried and says I am over reacting, and that he has never noticed either of them struggling or have any health complications. I’m at my wit’s end. My son is just huge, he has basically transitioned to sports shorts and oversized t-shirts as any form of jeans (or other butteN ups) are uncomfortable to him.