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From Dave, child's age 16

Hello everyone, I'm back again with another update on my son. Just to reply to some old comments, I started restricting video game time and making him go out to exercise but something tells me hes not actually exercising. He doesn't come back sweaty or hot, and is usually wiping away crumbs. I've asked but he wont say what he was actually doing. Hes still getting bigger, its hard for him to squeeze into the car now. Hes now opting to sit in the back so he has more room. Whenever something embarrassing happened(liking popping a button or breaking furniture), he was definitely embarrassed but never did something about his weight. My brother and my father tend to make passing comments as well about how tubby he's getting, but he doesn't seem to mind. No family history of obesity, most people seem to discourage his hefty weight. He was pretty chubby before his mom passed, but has since ballooned to an enormous size. Any suggestions on how to tackle my boy's expanding waist.