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From max, child's age 16

Hello parents, I am writing a message here to today to about my 16 year old daughter Mia in the hopes of conversing with other parents in a similar situation. Weight is always obviously a VERY touchy subject especially with a teenage daughter but because of the fact that she turns 17 this summer I feel like i must do something soon before she is out of my control completely. Until the summer just gone Mia had always been petite and skinny despite having a big appetite to the point where she was actually bullied about it in middle school, I first noticed during our holiday at the start of last summer that she had gained a solid 20lbs, she now had a noticeable pouch at the bottom of her stomach. My wife actually mentioned this to me but since she was certainly still in a healthy bmi range and the fact that the last thing a teenager needs is to be less confident about their appearance we decided not too say anything more about it. I didn't think about this much through winter as she spends most times at home up in her room and wore a thick coat when out. It's probably useful to mention she had a boyfriend who we had met and they broke up around Christmas, I don't know whether this had a significant effect but it made her quite emotionally fragile which is again why I didn't say anything even though the fact she had continued to rapidly gain weight was becoming more obvious. The reason why I am writing this now is we had a family party a few days ago and when mia came out in her party dress (a rare tihng as she's a tomboy who wears sweatpants and a hoodie most of the time) I was shocked to see it truly struggling to contain what looked like a pillow of flab that hung slightly over her waistline sucking up part of the dress. She is still petite in her upper body and all of the fat gain seems to be concentrated in her lower belly and thighs which has given her an especially odd look that the dress really accentuated. I'm very conflicted because while she has definitely crossed over a line where her size is at least somewhat unhealthy she has seemed more happy and confident than she has in a while recently and i don't want to ruin that. My biggest worry however is that she will continue the trajectory she is on and come back from her first year of college 300lb, a similar thing actually happened to a relative of mine who is very large and has numerous health issues from it. I am also very confused because she has never really watched what she ate and even though she might be eating a slightly worse diet these days it boggles my mind how my once very slim daughter has almost doubled in size. Would be a big help to speak to anyone in a similar situation.