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From Sasha, child's age 14

Hi all, I stumbled across this page and I writing as I am growing concerned for my 14 year old son Parker. I was always under the impression that my son was your typical active 14 year old boy as he loved to play sports, get outside and run around with his friends. I had noticed that Parker has been gaining some weight since around about last October, where I saw his stomach was then slightly pudgy and had replaced his formerly flat and toned stomach. Initially I wasn’t concerned as he has always been a normal weight, if not slightly underweight. I admittedly did not pay too much attention to this small gain as my older son Carson who is now 16 went through the same phase at around this age and is now as thin as a rail. However in January I started to grow more concerned as I walked in on Parker getting changed for school and see the poor wee thing struggling with his pants and his belly pushing through his shirt. At this point I had started to get concerned I made a doctors appointment and was a little bit shocked to see that my boy had gone from 13 years old 5’3 and 105 pounds in June last year to 14 years old and 5’5 136 as of January however the doctor reassured me that this was still in a normal weight range for 14 year old boy and that he would soon grow out of it. This reassured me, and up until last week I was sure that this was a puberty growth spurt, however last week Parker came to me saying that his clothes which we went up a size in January were already growing tight on him. Confused I got him on the scales and was shocked to see the numbers land on 163 pounds, my once thin active boy is now very chubby with a growing belly, some love handles and some “man boobs” as they call them. Upon reflection I noticed Parker has stopped going outside as much and wasn’t as interested in playing soccer and basketball as before. It is sad to see my little athletic boy go from running around being one of the best on the team struggling to button his pants and sit around doing nothing. I am at a loss if anyone could help me out that would be much appreciated.