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From Lucille, child's age 17

Hi Janis, thank you for your response and sorry for the late reply! My sons have always been able to come to me whenever they needed assistance with something, so like you said I've decided to stop nagging them on their weights, but I do make it known that I am quite concerned about it. To be honest, I'm quite shocked at their eating habits. They both share a car and I know that they must be eating fast food on the daily, sometimes I have to drive their car unexpectadly and I will see Wendy's and McDonalds wrappers in the car (which is quite disgusting). Benny is in his senior year of high school and will be attending university in the fall. I am concerned that things will get worse at university - one of his cousins went away to university this year (not too far - about 90 kilometers away) and I stopped by to see him a few days ago as I was doing some work in the region and I can tell he gained 10 pounds already! One of my concerns is that these habits will transfer down to younger siblings, I have a son who is 15 and one who is 7. The 7 year old is very active (basketball, baseball, football, hockey etc.) but the 15 year old is not active (very into the music performance scene) and I can tell he is getting a bit bigger but he hasn't gotten his yearly physical yet. Janis, how is your son doing? I hope he is adjusting well to the new school.