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From Lucille, child's age 17

Hello everyone. I wrote on this site roughly a year ago about my two boys, Spencer and Benny. At the time, Spencer was 5'8 and 220 and Benny was 5'10 and 245. Unfortunately, their eating habits have not reduced and both of them have gained a considerable amount of weight. A few days ago, I took both of them to the doctor and I was shocked with the amount of weight gained. Spencer weighed in at 262 at 5'9 and Benny was 290 at 5'10. The doctor was concerned and talked to them about it, but soon to be 17 and 18 year old boys are great at tuning people out, or they just didn't listen to what he said. I have tried to talk to them about it, but they refuse to talk about it with me. I've tried my hardest to not get upset with them, or make irrational decisions. Please help!