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From Hahn, child's age 8

My son Akamu is obese. When I lived in Hawaii, My wife had died while giving birth so it had been my job as a parent to raise my child as healthy and strong as he could possibly get so I watched what he ate. I had taken him Tim to Illinois (where we currently live) but since he was born and taken here, his weight has just exploded! He is roughly 204 lbs but he is only 8! Recently, however, I had been looking through my YouTube history to find a video I had accidentally left, so I went in there and to my surprise, a video titled "tight fit in the tub" was waiting. I had searched even further and found even more videos of this kind of material and I know it sure that the only ones who have access to the iPad and account are me and my son. I don't know if this is what is influencing my son to gain weight, or any other factors. Help?