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From Jacklyn, child's age 13

My daughter Julia was normal and healthy for most of her life but around the age of 10 she started gaining weight. I'm a single mom who owns a retail shop at the mall. When she first started 5th grade she began coming to the mall after school and hanging around until about 11. I'm sad to say she spent most of he time in the food court and found a love for McDonald's. Over the past 3 years she has been ballooning. I've unconsciously ignored it. But I just can't anymore not since a few months ago the doctor said she was morbidly obese. The sad thing is the signs are all there. A few month ago we went on a trip to Hawaii and she couldn't fit in her seat on the plain, and when we spent time at the beach her stomache hung over her bikkini bottoms. As well as a few weeks ago the school board informed me that the school does not sell uniforms in her size and I will have to buy them from plus sized stores. Now that I know I see things I've never seen before like the fact that Julia can't see her privates without a mirror, and that she has an extremely prominent and slow waddle. It makes me so sad to look a photos and think that she gained 352 pounds in 3 years It's really obvious how big she got when I look at photos because when I see place them in time Oder she always looks about 10 pounds bigger. I have no idea how to help her because her ankles can't suport her running her stomache touches the ground in push ups and sit ups are practically imposible. I feel as if I've failed as a mother an feel so ashamed of myself when I look at her countless rolls of fat. If anyone has any similar story's please share and say your solutions. I have failed as her mom