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From Lori, child's age 13

Need advice, my daughter is 13 and weighs 280. She's always been stout and always been on the heavier side. She is sensitive about it, do I risk making it worse by saying something? Im a big girl at 5'6 and 225 but Im comfortable and healthy, her father has always loved big women and even told me when we first met that i was beautiful but needed to gain weight and i was raised by parents who pushed being skinny, big girl's were ugly. I was 180lbs, size 12 at the time and felt huge and ugly. My ex set a great example that big girls are beautiful and skinny isnt all that. Our only concern was being healthy and confident and she isnt. We divorced 5 years ago and im afraid its traumatized her. Question, she is the middle child and highly sensitive, im afraid i could make it worse but i want to say either own it or fix it. Do I get tough and quit tiptoeing around it? advice?