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From Emily, child's age 15

My son had his yearly checkup the other day and in the last year he has gained nearly 70 lbs and only an inch in height bringing him to 240 lbs and 5'4 tall. It was shocking for me because he hides it well. He won't let me see him shirtless and he wears underarmor underneath baggy t-shirts to disguise his size. He's always been on the bigger side, but such a large weight gain in a year scares me. I'm convinced that it is his job at Dairy Queen that is causing it. He's been working there for about a year at weekends and all the time when school's out in the summer. I don't want him getting any heavier and have started looking at changes we can make at home to reduce his weight, but what I'm wondering is: Should I make him quit his job? He loves working there and he loves having money to be independent, but I'm worried that it is the cause of his obesity. Help please.