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From Helena, child's age 9

Hi - Googled and found this site - wanted to share. I sent my daughter this summer to a very nice 8-week camp. She wanted to go and even researched it herself, it was not so very far away, and the people seemed professional and nice, so off she went! My husband and I had planned to visit her but his aunt became ill and we had to fly across the country. My daughter's older sister, who is 19, volunteered to visit, and did, and it worked out. Probably better for sis to visit than Mom and Dad. I went solo to pick up my daughter two weeks ago and almost did not recognize her because she had put on so much weight. Her stomach sticks way out in front of her and she has a big double chin and chipmunk cheeks. She is not just plump - she is fat, a fat little girl. I didn't say anything because she seemed so full of energy and enthusiasm and we were so happy to see each other, but I knew I needed to stop at Target on the way home because none of her clothes at home would fit her, I could see that. As we rode in the car, her shirt came up a little with the bumps and I could see her fat belly jiggling. I couldn't believe it. I will say, too, that when we were in the dressing room and I was helping her try some things on God. At one point she turned to the side and her bare stomach is very, very round and full of bumpy flab and there is also fat on her arms and her thighs. I don't know whether to be angry at the camp, to say something to someone, or just keep my mouth shut. So far, I've kept my mouth shut. She hasn't been teased as far as I know, and she seems completely unaware of her weight gain. Maybe say nothing and see how it goes???