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From Ian, child's age 10

I am obese. Morbidly obese. I am about 30 stone and life is a daily struggle of pain for me. My son has helped me with a lot over his short life because of things my weight makes difficult but my eating habits have become his. I have tried very hard to keep him away from junk food, but I can't keep away and it has become a serious problem for him. He has become obese like me and life is starting to get difficult. He is constantly in pain in his knees and back. He is having trouble getting out of breath too easily. He is outgrowing his clothes quickly. In short he is becoming me and much earlier than I did. At his age I wasn't even 8 stone - still very much the fat kid in my day but my boy is struggling with almost 14 stone on his small frame. It hurts me to see him so overweight yet I cannot control my eating. I worry I am addicted to food and now he will be too. Ian