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From MightyMommy, child's age 11

I just don't know what to do with my son anymore. He's only 11. 5ft tall. But he ways 165lbs. I swear he's always eating because of boredom. I try so get him to go play. I've done the nutritionist thing amd he cried because he didn't want to go. I've doNE the sports... I've taken out the junk food. If he's bored he eats. I can't constantly entertain him to prevent his boredom. We don't do fast food and I cook healthy stuff... but 2 or 3 servings later. And in an hour he wants a snack... then another.... them another. If he doesn't get it he cries and throws temper tantrums He turns his father against me... who is convinced he will grow into the weight. What can I do? :(