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From Lucy, child's age 10

My daughter, Heather, is ten years old, and as I have split with my husband I get her four days a week to look after. Her gets her friday-sunday, I get Monday-thursday. The problem is, Heather has been gaining quite a bit of weight recently - she's always been a tad chubby, I'll admit, but over the past year (since me and my partner split up) she's really ballooned, to my dismay. I don't know her exact weight or height (she hasn't told me) but she's definitely quite overweight now, painful as it is to admit as a mother. She has a noticeably round, protruding belly that she is very self conscious about, and has a lot of trouble finding clothes that fit nicely. If I had her all the time this wouldn't be a problem as I'd just change her diet up so she eats healthier - indeed, that's exactly what I did a few months ago. When she continued to gain weight I talked to her, and learnt that her dad is very lenient with food, and that she snacks pretty much constantly whenever she's at his. The meals are also apparently often fast food, and she often eats an adult's serving instead of a child's one. I'm sure this is what is causing the gain, but when I tried to talk to him about it he point blank refused to see me, and wouldn't hear a word of it. My relationship with my daughter is already strained (she sees me as too strict and prefers to be with her father) so I don't want to make things worse by insisting she doesn't eat certain things at her father's, but I can't see any other solution to this. Please, I'm at my wits end. If anyone has a suggestion I would be so happy. (PS, I can probably get her weight and height if that would be helpful.)