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From Ann, child's age 14

My family is trying to make a change. Last week we went to the doctors and the issue of weight got brought up as it always does and I got defensive as I always do. The doctor insisted this time that all 3 of my boys (14, 12 and 9) get blood work done as he was concerned. We went and they had blood taken and then went back on Friday. All three had high cholesterol and not just a little elevated but dangerously high. The two younger ones also have prediabetes. Today will be the first day we dont stop at mcdonalds for an after school snack. We have started going for walks this weekend and I realized how out of shape I am. I'm only a handful of pounds over and it has been a long time since I did anything vigorous. After 5 minutes I had 3 red faced panting boys with me. After 10 minutes they were begging to go home and I was feeling the strain myself. I didn't try and change their eating this weekend. I just watched closely at what they ate and when they ate it. It was no longer a mystery how they got to be fat. The $350 of groceries I had bought on Friday before we got the results was disappearing quickly into them and almost all of it was processed and fatty. Pizza rolls, pizza pockets, just plain pizza was being microwaved. Cans of coke were being consumed. Cookies and cake. It was alarming when I sat back and just watched how much they ate. I know plan to cut all that out. Hopefully the $350 / week I currently spend will decrease along with their cholesterol as we move to healthier foods. I just hope I'm not too late in making a change.