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From Lisa, child's age 17

I believe my son is getting fat. He his 5'5 and is probably done growing. He was very skinny growing up until about a year ago. Last November he weighed 127 lbs on our scale. Now he ways around 140 lbs on the scale. However, I decided to test our scale's accuracy by putting 100 lbs of dumbbells on it, and it only came out as 95.6 lbs! So when I do the math, accurately my son was probably around 133 lbs last november and is now a little over 145! He used to be athletic when he was young but not so much in his teen years. Last year, his clothes were usually either 16-18 xl child size or small sized shirts, and wore size 28 pants. Now he has to wear medium sized shirts and his size 30 pants are ready to pop open! His waist is around 36 inches! Just last year it was not even 34... The majority of his gains are going to his belly and his chest. I am worried because he is most likely done growing, and his father is pretty large. Also, he is very picky and doesn't have a large appetite, however it has been increasing recently. Is he overweight? Should I trust my bathroom scale or no?