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From Jake, child's age 12

I am very concerned about my son's weight. We adopted George 6 years ago. He was always a little pudgy, but never concerningly so. However, in the past 15 months or so, he has gone from 110 lbs to almost 165 lbs. he has always been well liked, and at his private school, he wears brand name polis and jeans to keep himself up to par with the other kids. The name brands do not make clothes that fit him, and when I go to pick him up, the front of his shirt is untucked and his belly fat clearly hangs out. He still goes to the pool with his shirt off, and isn't really made fun of. I'm worried that he doesn't realize he is overweight and will continue to pack on the pounds. By the way, he is 5'2" and has a short and stocky build. He recently turned 12. How do I addres this with him?