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From Jessica, child's age 16

Hello. I'm writing as I'm feeling increasingly powerless about my sons weight. He has always been bigger, probably even obese, when he was younger and I accept full responsibility for it. However, since he hit his teens his weight has continued to rise. He's now over 420lbs (I don't know by how much) and refuses to do any form of exercise or eat anything considered healthy. Of course I've tried simply refusing to give him the food he wants but when I do, he refuses to speak to me until I give in and meanwhile uses his own money (from his part time job which earns him over £50 or $80 a week) to buy fast food for every meal of the day. He's been putting on 4-5 lbs a week so far this year and I'm terrified about how big he could become but have no idea what to do. I'd really appreciate any advice if anyone has ever been in the same situation as doctors haven't been at all helpful so far. As I say I feel completely powerless and I'll take any advice I can get. Thank you so much for reading.