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From Carolyn, child's age 10

My daughter is pretty big. I don't know how much she weighs or anything, but she's fatter than any of her friends and I often cannot find anything in stores that fits around her waist. That's not the issue though; what really worries me is her fitness. In an attempt to get her more active, I convinced her to join me in a selection of exercises. However, she could hardly do any of them! She couldn't do any sit-ups, couldn't even hold her own weight, never mind do a pull-up. Her stomach is too big to do a press-up; it touches the ground when her arms are fully extended. When we tried some running, she was exhausted and gasping for breath after 30 seconds gentle jogging. I'm really worried, because apparently she's late for classes because she has to rest at the top of staircases after climbing them. How should I approach this? She seems very unwilling to do any more exercise, as she says it made her chest hurt badly last time.