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From Mark, child's age 16

Hello, I am writing about two of my 3 sons,Adrian and Benjamin. Adrian, the oldest at 16, is 5 feet 9 inches tall. I'm not exactly sure of his weight but he is between 235 to 250 pounds, I think closer to 250. Adrian does not like to exercise and he gets winded after 5 mins of activity, especially during gym (2x week at school). He likes to snack (binge) on pizza after school, hiding it from me. He does this at least 4x a week, as I see him. (Bus home passes pizza place). Since the beginning of the year, he has put on about 15-20 pounds. All of his weight goes to his stomach and has a 54 inch stomach and a 45 inch waist. Wears a 44/34 or 46/34 and xxl shirts. In Jan, he wore xl shirts and 40/34 pants. Ben, who is 14.5 is short for his age at 5'3 and he weighs 175 pounds. He sits in his room and gorges on junk food. As his brother, he gets winded easily. He wears a size large shirt and 36/30 or 38/30 jeans. This weight gain is recent as in January (last physical) he was 155 and wore 34/30 jeans and med. shirts. They have not always been large. After the passing of my wife in Aug 2013, they have put on weight. I don't know how to properly address this, but this is getting out of hand fast. I spoke to Adrian in March about losing some weight and his response was "stop talking about it, I know I put on 10,or so pounds. I feel fine”. It's not 10 pounds. Nowhere near. I am very active and I would like my kids to lead an active lifestyle. Thank you.