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From Jenny, child's age 13

Hi, I have three children, a son and two daughters. The two daughters are identical twins but they don't look very identical anymore. Emily never wants to eat and she has lost weight. But her sister Alexis has gained a lot of weight and is obese. I'm pretty sure Alexis is eating Emilys' food for her too. I'm scared to put Alexis on a diet. Emily is anorexic and I'm afraid if I push Alexis, she might end up the same way. I know it's usually best for the whole family to work together to help the overweight child, but my husband and I are healthy, are son is healthy and eats a lot to gain muscle. I can't exactly say no to Alexis and yes to Jake and Emily. And sometimes, I'll admit, I use extra butter or something so that however few bites Emily eats, will be more, but it's piling on Alexis mostly. Alexis has had to get all new clothes. She hangs out with friends who are also overweight. I catch her in the kitchen at night sometimes eating food. I found a box of candy bars under her bed once. And I'm really afraid for her health. The doctor said she is obese. He said her health will decline if she doesn't lose weight. I don't know how to help her. I don't want her to go the other direction like her sister, but I don't want her to stay on this path.