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From Sandra, child's age 12

Hello everyone. My daughter Anna has been chubby for the last year or so, but only a little bit around her waist. However, over the last few months or so she's really been putting on weight. The problem is, me and my ex-husband live seperately, and I only get to see Anna on sundays. Because of this I hadn't really noticed it much, as when she's at mine she wears baggy "casual" clothes. The thing that spurred me into action was a dance performance she did on Sunday that I came to watch. She's been talking about this for ages and it was an important thing to her. The problem was that the pretty little skirt thing she had to wear was too small for her! They took the measurements 2 months ago but she could barely get into it. I think she must have put on about 15 pounds (and she wasn't skinny before) and most of it seems to have gone to her stomach. She got it on after a while though and we left for the performance. When it actually started though she had to keep pulling the top down to cover her stomach because it kept riding up. What was worst though was that she was dreadfully out of time. She started off okay but after three minutes she was lagging behind. I could see other parents pointing at her and laughing. When she finished she was entirely worn out even though the other dancers were fine. She was nearly in tears and when we got back to the house she ran into her room and disappeared for half the day. When she left on Monday i found loads of wrappers in her room: at least €30 of chocolat bars. The problem is, my Ex controlls what she eats and we never talk as it always ends badly and i know he just buys take aways most days and gives her a massive allowance for sweets. Also, aside from the dancing, she never exercises and she said she might drop dancing. Please help, i dont know what to do. Ps: I'm afraid ifi give her anything to help her weight my ex will just throw it away as he hates any reminder of me. Please tell me what to do, i'm afraid for my daughters health. Sandra.